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French Candom was created by a French Inventor to solve the problem of leaking cans and to avoid spillage while driving, also to keep the can fresh
after opening.

This lid was conceived for an advertising campaign, once decorated with your logo or brand it is a perfect gadget for marketing purposes.

French candom soon will be used by most of the soda and beer companies around the world as a marketing tool and for advertising purposes.

We engrave your company name and logo on the top and sides of the lid, several colors are available. Our technical department can send you mock ups at no cost.

Imagine a plastic bag containing 6 lids with different colors, one for each family member so no one will confuse their very own soda in the fridge or at parties.





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French Candom  c/o  
Cote D'azur Holding ltd
Registered Office:  First Caribbean House, 3rd Floor
PO Box 1990
Grand Cayman, KY1-1104,  
Cayman Islands.  
EEC Patent 001989419-0001 and US Patent D 712 258